Our wedding party

The Bridesmaids are definitely a diverse group of girls. Each bridesmaid has been a part of the bride's life in a special way and has been important to bride in different ways.


Heather Hadley Merchant (Maid of Honor)

Samanthia Silke

Anielle Skopelitis

Kristin Ezzell

Caroline Glass

Stephanie Albanese

Amanda Rutherford

Liz Johannes

Megan Lawty

The Groom's Men are special to Travis in many different ways as well. Many of his groommans have grown up together their entire life and consider themselves more as brothers than anything else.

Groom's Men:

Jim Petty (Father of the Groom & Best Man)

Bunky Woods

Levi Whittington

Dustin Carr

Matt Merchant

Dusty Cornwell

Adam Silverthorn

Chris Merchant

Rick Hadley

Matt McComas

Ryan Wines



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